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Welcome to Dstl – the Defence Science and Technology Laboratory.

We keep the UK safe and secure, using world-leading science and technology. That means every aspect of our work has real purpose, is important and is really varied. We bring lots of people together from lots of different disciplines. We encourage everyone to work in an agile way where you can have a rewarding career and a healthy lifestyle balance. This often leads to some unexpected solutions. Solutions you simply can’t get anywhere else.



We’re a world-leader in our field with one aim – protecting lives. We have experts making huge scientific advancements, so our work has real value and we’re all extremely dedicated because we keep the country safe and secure.

We bring together lots of different people and a huge range of disciplines in science and technology. So we have lots of variety in our projects, roles and opportunities, making everyday a day to explore and get excited.

Because our work is so varied, it means we have to think differently. We’re often met with unexpected situations, so while we use credible, impartial and evidence-driven information – we use that as a base to deliver unexpected solutions.

We know that everyone has different experiences and that everyone works in different ways. So we encourage you to work in a way that suits you, which often leads to the best results.

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