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Push technology to its limits in unexpected ways.

Our Counter Terrorism and Security Division is looking for graduates who want to develop their expertise while delivering high-risk, high-reward research to help protect the UK from current and future threats. Quite simply, this is work that you cannot do anywhere else.

Degree Disciplines we’re looking for: Chemistry, Electronic or Electrical Engineering, Systems Engineering, Communications Engineering, Software Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Systems Engineering, Computer Science, Mathematics, Statistics, Physics, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Intelligence, Robotics, Information Science.

We take pride in our dedication and commitment to the diversity and inclusion of our employees.


Case Study

From crime scene to court

Supporting the Criminal Justice System

Every year, our forensic experts examine thousands of items from crime scenes. Their role is to provide independent scientific analysis for the Criminal Justice System, which often involves giving expert witness testimony in court.

A prime example of our forensic work is the world-renowned Forensic Explosives Laboratory (FEL), which deals exclusively in explosives-related incidents. Funded by the Home Office, FEL has supported thousands of cases, including multiple terrorist attacks and plots that could have resulted in huge casualties. Recent high-profile cases that FEL has supported include the Parsons Green bomber and the Taliban bomb-maker who was plotting a Westminster attack; both defendants were found guilty by the courts and received life sentences.

As well as being home to some of the foremost specialists in this field, FEL’s laboratories are world-leading. The state-of-the-art Energetics Analysis Centre is unique in the UK and provides world-class facilities, not only for FEL, but for a range of energetics work including explosives detection. On the same site, we run the UK Government's Homemade Explosives Facility. The crucial work at this Facility furthers our understanding of improvised explosive threats, including the types that have been used by terrorists in the UK. Our work is done in close partnership with our many stakeholders so that we can help to best protect against emerging threats and keep people safe.