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Our Platform Systems Division supports the Ministry of Defence and other government departments in a broad range of ground-breaking technical research areas. We respond to current and future demands ensuring that the UK retains a battle-winning advantage.

We strengthen and protect our armed forces, ensuring all technology and equipment across the military operate together seamlessly. Safeguarding armoured vehicles, warships and aircraft against the harshest combat environments – and providing the most advanced weapon capabilities, are all part of our exhilarating remit.

Degree disciplines we’re looking for: Electronic Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Mathematics, Physics, Computer Science. Other STEM degrees may also be considered.

Our talented people have built an enviable reputation for innovating world-class science and technology.


Case Study

Protecting our troop’s hearing

Operating in an armoured fighting vehicle can be loud and stressful, it is important to ensure that troops have the best hearing protection to preserve their hearing and provide situational awareness on the battlefield.

As part of the programmes to upgrade our armoured vehicle fleet Dstl was tasked with measuring noise exposure to crews operating armoured fighting vehicles and assessing crew headsets for fit and function.

PLSD Graduates were involved in supporting the trials work for this project which involved:

  • Observing live firing and training exercises of Challenger 2 and Warrior
  • Fitting microphones to vehicles, both internally and externally, as well as to the tank crews themselves, and ensuring data was recorded correctly
  • Talking to military personnel about their experiences with headsets and noise inside the vehicles
  • Analysing data collected during the trial and reporting this to Army HQ

Evidence collected by the team has now informed the Army’s future headset requirements for its fleet of armoured vehicles, including the multibillion AJAX and the multimillion Challenger 2 Life Extension Programme, as well as changes to training regulations for armoured vehicles.

This work will result in state-of-the-art hearing protection and communication technologies, improving operational effectiveness and preserving auditory fitness for duty.